Dover Dixon Horne Mourns the Loss of Allan W. "Dick" Horne

We are sad to report the passing of Dover Dixon Horne name partner Allan W. "Dick" Horne.

Known for his contributions to the insurance industry, early in his long career, Mr. Horne was appointed Insurance Commissioner by Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, a position he held for three years. As Insurance Commissioner, he served on various committees of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, including Chairman of the Securities Committee. In 1970 he was appointed judge of the Little Rock Municipal Court, a position he held from 1970-1971. He served as principal contact and attorney for the Arkansas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, a position he held since the founding of the Association in 1990. 

He was a member of The Select List of Law Firms and a member, former Vice President and co-founder of the Federation of Regulatory Counsel, a national association of insurance regulatory attorneys. At the time of his death, he was serving on the Board of Directors of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Arkansas.

“Dick’s service and his leadership contributions are well recognized. As a lawyer, he was the consummate professional, and a real gentleman, dedicated to the practice of law and to the clients whom he served,” Dover Dixon Horne partner Cyril Hollingsworth said. “More than that, however, he was caring and considerate of all with whom he came in contact, whether the President of a company, or someone working the night shift in the building where we office.” 

He was beloved by his clients and those with whom he worked over the years. We realize that our loss is shared by many. We are thankful for his life and all that he meant as our partner and friend, even as we mourn our loss.

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