Walter Anger Named Commissioner of Revenue

An update to our prior post about the retirement of Department of Finance and Administration Deputy Director Tim Leathers: Walter Anger has been announced as the new Commissioner of Revenue and will be promoted to Deputy Director. His will be the senior-most role at DFA dedicated to tax administration.

Under the current organizational structure of the DFA, Director Larry Walther heads the agency, and Tim Leathers as Deputy Director has been responsible for tax administration as well as other tasks handled by DFA (treasury functions, etc.).

Under the new organization, there will be three deputy directors each handling their respective areas of responsibility. Walter Anger, as Commissioner of Revenue, will be principally responsible for tax policy and administration. There will not be a replacement in his current role as Lead Assistant Revenue Commissioner; he will oversee the DFA tax administration managers directly. Paul Gehring will continue in his role as Assistant Commissioner-Policy & Legal and General Counsel.

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