Gov. Hutchinson Extends Filing Deadline for Arkansas Income Taxes to May 17, 2021

Governor Asa Hutchinson’s executive order issued on Friday extends the Arkansas individual income tax filing and payment deadline from April 15 to May 17, in further response to COVID-19's impact on the state and to correspond with the extension of the federal individual income tax filing deadline.

While the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) has yet to issue guidance on the extension for filing Arkansas income tax returns, Executive Order 21-06 appears to coincide with the extension for filing federal income tax returns. The order, referencing the postponement of 2020 federal income tax payments by the Internal Revenue Service and United States Treasury Department "without penalties and interest” and “regardless of the amount owed” states its aim to be “consistent with the extensions granted by the federal government.”

Governor Hutchinson’s order extending the Arkansas income tax filing deadline applies to the 2020 returns for individual taxpayers, Subchapter S Corporations, fiduciaries and estates, partnerships, and composite returns. Corporate return and estimated tax deadlines do not appear to be affected. Furthermore, written requests required to receive an extension of time to file income tax returns are “waived” in Arkansas this year.

Interestingly, SB593 was filed today by Senate President Pro Tempore Jimmy Hickey. It essentially would specify by statute the deadline extension provided by Executive Order 21-06. Rep. Joe Jett is the other primary sponsor of SB593.

[UPDATE:] DFA has updated their website clarifying the income tax filing extension. 

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