Changing of the Guard Continues: DFA Deputy Director to Resign

The changing of the guard at the Department of Finance and Administration continues: Deputy Director and Commissioner of Revenues Tim Leathers has announced plans to leave government service and join the private sector effective January 1, 2017. Tim was a DFA "lifer," starting with the agency in 1977 as a legal assistant. He was Chief Counsel during much of the 1980's before becoming the Commissioner of Revenues. The Commissioner of Revenues is the senior administrator at DFA focused solely on taxes, and thus is a critical role in setting state tax policy and administration.

Tim's departure comes on the heels of the retirements of John Theis and Roberta Overman over the summer, and that of former General Counsel Martha Hunt in 2014. The net effect of these retirements is the potential for significant change in DFA policy and personality. Tim Leathers's successor has not yet been announced.

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