Arkansas Tax Appeals Commission Nominating Process Open for CPA Commissioner

With Arkansas having enacted an independent Tax Appeals Commission that will start July 2022 and begin taking cases January 2023, the next step is to find potential commissioners. The three commissioners will be named by the governor from shortlists provided by stakeholder groups: the Arkansas Supreme Court will submit three names for the chief commissioner (lawyer and CPA), the Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants (ARCPA) will submit three names for the CPA commissioner, and the Arkansas Bar Association will submit three names for the lawyer commissioner. ARCPA has moved quickly and interested CPAs need to apply by August 6:

The ARCPA Nominations Committee is looking for qualified candidates to consider for the CPA commissioner nomination. Candidates must be an active member of ARCPA in good standing, be a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Arkansas, and possess substantial knowledge of Arkansas tax law. Nominees will be submitted to the ARCPA Board of Directors for final approval before making a formal recommendation to the Governor later this year.

If you are interested in serving on the Arkansas Tax Appeals Commission, please send your name and resume, and any additional helpful information, including any preferred letters of recommendation, to Marsha Moffitt at no later than August 6, 2021. Hard copy packets may be mailed unfolded in a large envelope to ARCPA, Attention: Marsha Moffitt, 11300 Executive Center Drive, Little Rock, AR 72211.

Expect the application processes for the chief commissioner and the lawyer commissioner to roll out later this year.

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