2021 Arkansas Tax Legislation Summary

Arkansas’s 2021 regular legislative session saw the enactment of more than 70 tax-related bills, which DDH tax attorneys have summarized. Highlights from the session include:

  • Establishment of an independent Tax Appeals Commission (Act 586);
  • $265 million of one-time tax relief through exemptions for Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness and other coronavirus aid (Act 248) and for supplemental unemployment benefits (Act 154); and
  • An elective entity-level tax option to help small business owners save $50 million or more annually by maximizing the federal deductibility of Arkansas income tax (Act 362).

Unlike in prior years, the legislature has not yet adjourned sine die. Instead, under House Concurrent Resolution 1015 (HCR1015), the legislature entered an extended recess on April 30, 2021, so that it can reconvene in the fall for redistricting. Under HCR1015, the default effective date will be July 30, 2021, for acts that do not contain an emergency clause or a specific effective date. (This assumes that the General Assembly does not reconvene until the fall.) After the conclusion of the regular legislative session in fall 2021, a special session likely follows involving additional tax cuts and relief.

Our Act-by-Act summary is available in printer-friendly PDF format here, and Act summaries by tax type are also up in HTML as separate posts.

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