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2021-05-06 Arkansas Franchise Tax Deadline Extended to July 15, 2021 None
2021-04-30 DFA Assessment Coordination Division Proposes Property Tax Exemption Rules Requiring Every Exempt Parcel to Reapply None
2021-03-09 2021 Franchise Tax Payments Going Back to Secretary of State None
2020-11-24 Arkansas Franchise Tax Administration Migrating to DFA in 2021 None
2020-11-18 Arkansas Coronavirus Business Interruption Grant (BIG) Application Window Open None
2020-10-26 AEDC Proposes Updates to Consolidated Incentives Rules None
2020-10-19 Retirement and Reshuffling of Arkansas DFA Administrators None
2020-09-22 DFA Updated COVID-19 FAQ Advises Taxability of Arkansas Ready for Business Grants None
2020-08-24 Final AEDC Rules Provide Path for Tax Credit for Donations for Equipment for Higher Education None
2020-07-23 Catching up: Sandra Cawyer heading DFA's property tax Assessment Coordination Division (ACD) None
2020-06-17 Taxing the Coronavirus Economy: Arkansas DFA Opines that Disinfecting Services and Videoconferencing Are Taxable None
2020-05-04 Get Ready for Round 2 of Arkansas Ready for Business Grants! None
2020-04-29 $15 Million Arkansas Ready for Business Grant Program Starts (and Finishes) Taking Applications Today None
2020-04-13 Arkansas COVID-19 guidance on estimated payments and nontaxability of Recovery Rebates; possible exemption for agricultural Market Facilitation Payments None
2020-04-10 Arkansas DFA legal opinion effectively adopts convenience of the employer test None
2020-03-27 Arkansas COVID-19 Tax Extensions - Individuals & Passthroughs Delayed; Corporations Not (Except for Franchise Tax) None
2020-03-23 Is COVID-19 Sterilization a Taxable Service in Arkansas? None
2020-03-19 Arkansas Economic Development Commission Redeploys $19 Million to Help Businesses Hurt by Coronavirus Outbreak 5
2020-02-17 DFA Charitable Determinations Pose a Challenging Test for Nonprofits None
2019-12-13 DFA ALJ Denies Arm's Length Exception to Related-Party Interest Addback None
2019-11-15 Charlie Collins Is the New Arkansas Commissioner of Revenue! None
2019-09-30 All Manufacturers Need to Be Claiming Reduced Sales & Use Tax Rates on Manufacturing Repair Parts and Services None
2019-09-09 Commissioner of Revenue Walter Anger Retires from DFA 3.7
2019-07-03 Administrative Hearing: "Tax-Included" Invoicing Creates Remittance Obligation Regardless of Taxability None

RSSArticles, Speeches & Events (7)

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2021-04-28 Free Webinar: New Arkansas Tax Legislation & What It Means for Your Business None
2021-01-20 Matthew Boch to help lead RechARge Arkansas webinar this Friday on state taxes amidst an epidemic None
2019-12-02 Mike Parker and Matt Boch to Speak at the ASCPA Federal Tax Institute in Little Rock on December 6 None
2019-10-04 Register for the State Chamber's Arkansas Tax Conference on November 19 None
2019-06-19 COST Southeast Regional State Tax Seminar in Memphis on June 27 None
2019-03-26 Matt Boch & T.J. Lawhon to Present Tax Legislative Updates at April 3 Arkansas Bar Association Webinar. None
2018-03-23 Matt Boch to Speak at Institute for Professionals in Taxation Sales & Use Tax Workshop on Manufacturing in the Southeast None

RSSTax Cases (15)

Date Title Rating
2021-04-26 Arkansas Supreme Takes Expansive Reading of Manufacturing Exemption for Pipemaker's Steel Grit None
2020-12-08 Arkansas Supreme Court Allows Exemption for Unleased Economic Development Property Under Facts Presented 5
2020-12-07 Arkansas Supreme Court Takes Narrow View of Assessment Coordination Division Authority None
2020-10-05 Court of Appeals Takes Broad Read of County Court Property Tax Exclusive Original Jurisdiction None
2019-09-26 Arkansas Court of Appeals Upholds Charitable Exemption for Hospital Clinics 5
2019-09-17 Walmart "Dark Store" Case Should Be of Interest to All Arkansas Property Taxpayers None
2018-06-21 "Virtual Presence" Nexus: Wayfair Overturns Historic Quill Physical Presence Nexus Rule None
2018-04-18 Arkansas Supreme Court Says That Erroneous Assessment Property Tax Appeal Can Proceed None
2018-03-18 Flash Inventory? Thoughts on the FLIS Enterprises Withdrawals from Stock Analysis None
2018-03-01 In a Relief to Taxpayers, Arkansas Supreme Court Says Sovereign Immunity Is Not Jurisdictional 5
2018-02-09 At Oral Argument, Justices Seem Reluctant to Find Sovereign Immunity a Jurisdictional Bar None
2018-02-08 Arkansas “Fly-Away” Exemption Continues to Expand None
2018-02-06 Arkansas DFA Reluctantly Claims Sovereign Immunity from Taxpayer Refund Claim Litigation None
2018-01-18 Arkansas Supreme Court Opinion Suggests that Taxpayers May Be Unable to Litigate Tax Cases Against DFA None
2017-12-13 Arkansas Supreme Court Confirms that a Corporation Needs a Lawyer for County Court Property Tax Appeals None

RSSTax Policy & Legislation (45)

Date Title Rating
2021-04-12 Arkansas Creates the Independent Tax Appeals Commission 5
2021-02-23 Arkansas Taxpayer Alert: Troubling Local Sales Tax Disclosure and Reporting Bill (SB293) None
2021-02-18 Significant Small Business Tax Relief Bills Pending in the Arkansas Legislature: Coronavirus Aid and SALT Deduction Parity None
2021-02-10 Arkansas Independent Tax Appeals Commission Legislation Introduced! None
2020-11-16 Governor's 2022 Budget Plans for $50 Million of Tax Cuts None
2020-04-13 Arkansas COVID-19 guidance on estimated payments and nontaxability of Recovery Rebates; possible exemption for agricultural Market Facilitation Payments None
2019-08-22 What Does Government Transformation Mean for Arkansas Taxpayers? None
2019-06-13 2019 Arkansas Tax Legislation Summary None
2019-06-13 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Tax Credits and Incentives Legislation None
2019-06-13 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Tax Procedure and General Administration Legislation None
2019-06-13 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Legislation None
2019-06-12 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Miscellaneous Tax Legislation None
2019-06-12 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Property Tax Legislation None
2019-06-12 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Sales and Use Tax Legislation None
2019-06-12 Summary of 2019 Arkansas Income and Franchise Tax Legislation None
2019-04-15 Mission Accomplished: Arkansas Adopts Major Tax Reforms Recommended by Task Force 3.7
2019-03-26 Matt Boch & T.J. Lawhon to Present Tax Legislative Updates at April 3 Arkansas Bar Association Webinar. None
2019-03-24 Arkansas Tax Reform Update: SB576 Amended to Add Rate Cut and Drop Throwback Repeal None
2019-03-15 Major Arkansas Tax Reform Bill Introduced: Remote Seller Collection, Apportionment, and NOLs None
2019-03-06 Arkansas Passthrough Entity Tax (SALT Workaround) Legislation Introduced None
2019-02-19 Patching Up the Consolidated Incentives Act: HB1490 Would Make Numerous Revisions to Arkansas Incentives None
2019-02-15 Individual Tax Cuts Pass; Time for the Highway Funding Bill None
2019-01-30 Governor's Slimmed Down "5.9% Plan" for $97 Million of Individual Rate Cuts Introduced None
2018-12-12 They Pulled It Off: Tax Reform Task Force Picks Preferred Individual Tax Cuts Plan, Approves Draft Legislation Package, and Adjourns 5
2018-11-29 Tax Reform Task Force Recommends Individual Cuts First, then Business Tax Reforms 5
2018-11-12 Catching Up With the Task Force: More Bills and More Incentives Scrutiny None
2018-10-01 Tax Reform Task Force Sees Draft Bills, Scrutinizes Credit Programs, and Weighs Tax Triggers and Revenue Projections None
2018-08-15 Acting Revenue Commissioner Gehring, Regulation Revisions, and Other News from Tax Advisory Council Meeting None
2018-08-07 Tax Reform Task Force Votes on Proposals for Inclusion in Final Report 3.5
2018-08-06 Dynamic Revenue Modeling Testimony Raises More Questions Than It Answers None
2018-07-30 Mixed Messages on Arkansas Implementation of Wayfair for Remote Sellers None
2018-07-30 Tax Reform Task Force Charts Road Ahead and Hears Policy Testimony on Wayfair Response and Tax Regressivity None
2018-06-26 How Will Arkansas Respond to the Wayfair Decision? 5
2018-06-23 Tax Reform Task Force Members Nominate Excise Tax Proposals, Vote on Property Tax Proposals, and Prioritize $200 Million of Cuts and Reforms None
2018-05-29 Tax Reform Task Force Keeps Income Tax Proposals Rolling, Identifies Property Tax Proposals, and Mulls Incentives Testimony 5
2018-05-10 Tax Reform Task Force Names Income Tax Proposals for Further Study None
2018-04-30 Tax Reform Task Force Studies Income Tax Reforms; Members to Make Proposals on May 10 None
2018-04-29 Legislative Task Force Pares List of Sales/Use Tax Reform Proposals from 43 to 7 None
2018-03-20 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Announces List of Sales Tax Exemptions to Study for Elimination (After Hearing from Policy Experts) 5
2018-02-05 Tax Reform Task Force Looks at Federal Tax Changes (with Help from BLR and DFA) None
2018-01-08 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Terminates PFM Group Consultants (After Hearing About Income Tax) None
2018-01-03 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Interim Report Summarizes Studies and Analysis to Date None
2017-12-06 Property Tax and Multistate Comparison Topics Under Consideration at Tax Reform Task Force None
2017-12-05 Tax Reform Task Force Hears from Other States’ Experiences None
2017-11-08 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Takes on Sales, Use and Excise Taxes None

Uncategorized (69)

Date Title Rating
2021-03-22 Gov. Hutchinson Extends Filing Deadline for Arkansas Income Taxes to May 17, 2021 None
2021-03-16 AEDC Proposes Extending Expenditure Deadlines for Ready for Business Grants None
2019-08-16 Matthew Boch to Speak at National Business Institute Seminar on Arkansas Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers None
2019-03-18 Arkansas Tax Legislation "March Madness": Administrative Changes, an Independent Tax Appeal Tribunal, and More None
2018-11-28 Dover Dixon Horne Tax Attorneys to Speak at 57th Annual Arkansas Federal Tax Institute None
2018-11-28 Matt Boch to Speak on Arkansas Tax Updates and Wayfair None
2018-09-20 Matt Boch to Speak on How States Are Responding to Wayfair and What Small Businesses Need to Know None
2018-08-29 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Approves Final Report and Hears DFA's "2-4-5.9/6.5%" Individual Tax Cuts Plan None
2018-08-09 Matt Boch to Speak on Arkansas Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers None
2018-07-09 Mark Your Calendars for Tax Gone Wild! State Chamber Regional Seminars in Fall 2018 None
2018-06-28 Tax Reform and Relief Task Force Tries to Prioritize But Hits a Snag None
2018-03-14 Administrative Decision Reminds Taxpayers that You Can Call and Talk to DFA, but Don’t Rely on Oral Advice None
2017-11-02 Taxpayer Strikes Out Again vs. APSC Tax Division None
2017-10-13 Call the Movers: DFA ALJs Will Be Reassigned and Relocated for Increased Independence None
2017-10-03 Tax Reform Task Force Hears from PFM for the First Time None
2017-09-22 Property Tax Reform? Committee on Economic and Tax Policy Hears Testimony None
2017-09-07 Tax Reform Task Force Selects PFM as Outside Consultant 5
2017-08-31 Arkansas Legislators Begin to Focus on Tax Reform None
2017-08-30 Mark Your Calendars! Arkansas Tax Conference on November 2 None
2017-08-17 Property Tax Equalization Board Appeals Deadline August 21 None
2017-08-08 DFA Hearing Calls Party Foul on Restaurant's Tax-Included Drink Pricing None
2017-07-14 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Hears Competing Views in July 11 Meeting None
2017-06-01 Will the FLIS Enterprises Case Be a Refund Opportunity for Sales Tax on Withdrawals from Stock? None
2017-05-29 Arkansas Tax Reform Task Force Gearing Up None
2017-05-20 AirBnB to Collect Hot Springs A&P Lodging Tax None
2017-05-20 Summary of 2017 Tax and Incentives Legislation None
2017-05-02 Summary of 2017 Arkansas Tax Procedure Legislation None
2017-05-02 Summary of 2017 Arkansas Miscellaneous Tax and Unclaimed Property Legislation None
2017-05-01 Summary of 2017 Arkansas Economic Development Credits and Incentives Legislation None
2017-04-26 Summary of 2017 Arkansas Property Tax Legislation None
2017-04-11 Summary of 2017 Arkansas Income Tax Legislation 4
2017-03-22 The "Arkansas Two-Step": Arkansas Income Tax for Multistate Passthroughs Before and After HB1562 5
2017-03-09 Caution! Income Tax Apportionment Bill (MTC UDITPA Amendments) Advancing Quickly None
2017-02-19 SB362 to Phase Out InvestArk and the Tax on Manufacturing Repair Parts and Services None
2017-02-14 SB140 Economic Nexus Bill Fails in House Revenue & Taxation Committee None
2017-02-06 Manufacturing Process Resumed: DFA Hearing Allows Manufacturing Exemption for Packaging Equipment None
2017-01-25 Arkansas Tax Legislation Update: Governor's Tax Cuts, Digital Goods, and More None
2016-12-22 COST Recognizes Arkansas as "Most Improved" in Fariness of Tax Administration None
2016-12-19 Walter Anger Named Commissioner of Revenue None
2016-12-18 DFA Hearing Highlights Proration Tax Trap for Nonresident Individuals with Tax Credits None
2016-12-13 Gov. Hutchinson Proposes Income Tax Cuts and Revenue Offsets None
2016-11-22 Changing of the Guard Continues: DFA Deputy Director to Resign None
2016-11-20 Light Manufacturers Beware: DFA Only Allowing Exemption for "Industrial" Manufacturing None
2016-11-14 Tax Foundation / ACRE Tax Reform Study Released None
2016-11-10 Arkansas Election Aftermath - Incentives & Tax None
2016-10-26 Arkansas Taxing Lawn-less "Lawn Care" None
2016-10-20 2015 Arkansas Tax Advisory Council Year-Ending Report Released None
2016-10-12 What's the Deal With Ballot Issue #3? (the Economic Development Amendment) None
2016-10-05 Arkansas Revenue & Tax Committees' Joint Hearing Considers Reducing Sales Tax Vendor Discount and Other Changes None
2016-09-18 Arkansas Tax Traps and Found Money in Little Rock on November 16 None
2016-09-18 Conservative tax reform in 2017? Studies are underway... None
2016-08-23 Retirements and Reshuffling at Arkansas DFA None
2016-07-10 Arkansas DFA "Vodafones" Taxpayer's Refund Claims None
2016-05-19 Arkansas Supreme Court: Drinking Water Treatment Is Not Manufacturing None
2016-05-06 InvestArk Safe for Now None
2016-04-28 Big Thaw: DFA Reverses Opinion and Treats Freezer as Manufacturing None
2016-04-16 AACF Issues Progressive Tax Policy Proposals None
2016-04-15 Op-Ed: Arkansas Needs Incentives to Attract and Retain Jobs None
2016-03-10 Businesses Need to Carefully Consider NAICS Classifications None
2016-02-29 Ice Cold: DFA Tells Manufacturer That It Is Not Engaged in "Actual Manufacturing" None
2016-02-18 Arkansas Supreme Court Gives University of Arkansas Sovereign Immunity from Local Property Taxes None
2016-02-04 Chim Chim Cheroo! DFA Interprets "Cleaning Service" Narrowly None
2016-01-29 Repeal of InvestArk Credits Would Reduce Arkansas Manufacturing Competitiveness None
2016-01-10 You Don't Need a Megaproject: Southworth Products Expansion in Manila Yields Incentive Benefits None
2016-01-04 DFA Opinion Takes Narrow Reading of Arkansas Sales Tax Charitable Exemption None
2016-01-04 DFA Legal Opinion and Hearing Decision Databases Online None
2016-01-01 Welcome to the Arkansas Tax and Incentives Update None
2015-12-15 Incentives Roundup: J.B. Hunt, Bad Boy Mowers, and Simmons Foods Expansions None
2015-11-30 Arkansas Court of Appeals: You Need a Lawyer to File a Petition to Appeal an Ad Valorem Tax Assessment to County Court None


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