Arkansas Supreme Court Allows Exemption for Unleased Economic Development Property Under Facts Presented

The Arkansas Supreme Court issued a nuanced opinion in City of Little Rock v. Ward, 2020 Ark. 399 (2020), granting property tax exemptions for publicly held property that formerly had been leased to private parties. The reasoning of the opinion turns on the specific facts associated with the subsequent use of each parcel. As such, the case is a win for economic development authorities, but it is a nuanced one where such agencies need to carefully consider the applicable facts. [More]

Arkansas Supreme Court Takes Narrow View of Assessment Coordination Division Authority

The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld sovereign immunity dismissal of claims against the Assessment Coordination Division (ACD) about its mineral interest assessment guidelines in Chaney v. Union Producing, LLC, 2020 Ark. 388 (Dec. 3, 2020). The court's reasoning emphasizes the limited nature of ACD guidance authority over county assessors. The decision also highlights the potential impact of sovereign immunity on the right to bring tax-related claims to court. [More]

Governor's 2022 Budget Plans for $50 Million of Tax Cuts

On November 10, Governor Hutchinson announced several tax proposals for his legislative agenda as part of the FYE 2022 budget (Arkansas's fiscal year runs from July to June). These proposals — and the overall budgetary context — set the agenda for the upcoming legislative session where fiscal space will be tight but with room for a few tax cuts and reforms. Hutchinson's tax proposals are aimed largely at low- and middle-income Arkansans, including a sales tax reduction on mid-priced used cars. [More]