Matt Boch Comments on Various Tax Issues With Little Rock Media

The Arkansas Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments this week in a case, Larry Walther Director of the Department of Finance and Administration v. Flis Enterprises Inc., involving free Whoppers.

Flis, which owns 16 Burger King franchises, argues it should pay tax on the wholesale cost of the free meals it gives its managers, while the Department of Finance argues Flis should be taxed on the retail cost. [More]

Could the Medical Marijuana Amendment Be Repealed By the General Assembly? Possible Repercussion From Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas v. Matthew Andrews

By Randy Bynum

In its recent decision in Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas v. Matthew Andrews, the Arkansas Supreme Court gave a literal interpretation to Article 5, § 20 of the Arkansas Constitution which states: “The State of Arkansas shall never be made defendant in any of her courts.” The result of this literal interpretation was that Matthew Andrews could not sue his state employer under the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act, overturning long-standing precedent by the Supreme Court allowing the legislature to waive sovereign immunity by statute. (For a complete analysis of the Court’s ruling see Adrienne Griffis’ commentary) [More]

Adrienne Griffis Sits Down With ABC7 to Discuss Arkansas’ Sovereign Immunity

On January 18, in Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas v. Matthew Andrews, 2018 Ark. 12, the Arkansas Supreme Court refused to enforce a state employee’s right to be paid for overtime by holding that the employee could not sue the state, even in its capacity as his employer.

On Thursday, Of Counsel Adrienne Griffis spoke with ABC7-KATV on how the decision impacts all Arkansans. She said the Supreme Court has interpreted the constitution essentially a blanket ban on any statute that would allow a lawsuit against the state. [More]

Dover Dixon Horne Mourns the Loss of Allan W. "Dick" Horne

We are sad to report the passing of Dover Dixon Horne name partner Allan W. "Dick" Horne.

Known for his contributions to the insurance industry, early in his long career, Mr. Horne was appointed Insurance Commissioner by Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, a position he held for three years. As Insurance Commissioner, he served on various committees of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, including Chairman of the Securities Committee. In 1970 he was appointed judge of the Little Rock Municipal Court, a position he held from 1970-1971. He served as principal contact and attorney for the Arkansas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, a position he held since the founding of the Association in 1990. [More]