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Larry Watkins Attorney at Law

Larry Watkins

Areas of Practice

Corporate/Business Law,Construction Law


University of North Carolina - B.A.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock - J.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham - M.Eng. (Exp. 2018)




Larry Watkins is an attorney in the Construction Law Group at Dover Dixon Horne PLLC whose primary legal practice is construction law, providing counsel for local, national, and international projects and disputes. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Construction Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. Bringing over 20 years of industry experience to the table, Mr. Watkins has worked both as an attorney for a large law firm and as corporate counsel for one of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world. He has extensive legal experience with construction mediation, arbitration, litigation, consulting contracts, design agreements, construction contracts, supply agreements, project finance, construction claims, project counsel, construction business and tax matters, and construction regulations.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Watkins was a project superintendent, project engineer, project manager, and senior project contracts manager for some of the largest construction, architecture, and engineering companies in the United States. With 20+ years in the construction industry, his knowledge of and experience with all aspects of commercial, industrial, and energy projects constitute an invaluable asset. Mr. Watkins's experience with transactions, projects, and disputes is below:

Transaction Experience

- Negotiated and drafted construction contracts (Cost Plus, Design-Build, Pre-construction, Subcontracts, Vendor)

- Negotiated & drafted 100% of contracts for consulting & engineering services ($100k - $2M)

- Negotiated & drafted 100% of EPC and EPCM contracts ($50M – $220M)

- Negotiated & drafted 100% of contracts for vendors and suppliers ($1M - $50M)

- Negotiated & drafted 100% of contracts for strategic alliances and collaboration

- Negotiated & drafted 100% of confidentiality agreements (over 50)

- Reviewed RFQs and RFPs to determine financial and legal risks

- Provided redlines, comments, and deviations for RFQ and RFP submissions

- Determined insurance (bid, payment, performance bonds, PL, CGL) & tax requirements for project contracts

- Determined local, state, and federal legal requirements (e.g. Clean Air Act, PE Reg.) for project contracts

- Project Finance experience for all phases of development (LOI/MOU to Term Sheet/Contract)

- Transaction Counsel (Project Delivery System Structuring of Contracts)

- Project Counsel (Commercial Owners and Large Scale Development Projects)

Project Experience

- Industrial Product Project (Construction Contract, EPC Contract)

- Industrial Assembly Project (Construction Contract, EPC Contract)

- Industrial Waste Processing Project (Construction Contract, EPCM Contract)

- Industrial Chemical Project (FEED Engineering Contract)

- Conventional Commercial Project (Construction Manager Contract & Design Build Contract)

- Syngas to Jet Fuel Project (Process Plant/Refining) (FEL/FEED Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Construction Term Sheet, Construction Contract)

- Gasification (Process Plant/Refining) (Subcontractor & Vendor Agreements and Licenses)

- Waste to Diesel Project (Process Plant/Refining) (Consulting Agreement, Construction Contract, EPC Contract)

- Mixed Feedstock to Diesel (Process Plant/Refining) (Construction Contract)

- Natural Gas to Naphtha Project (Process Plant/Refining) (Consulting Contract & Construction Term Sheet)

- Waste to Ethanol Project (Process Plant/Refining) (Design Build Contract and Subcontractor & Supplier Agreements)

- Biomass to Syngas Project (Process Plant/Refining) (Consulting Agreement)

- Water Desalination City Project (Municipal Procurement, Public Private Partnership, PPP or P3)

- Drinking Water City Project (Construction Contract, EPCM Contract, Subcontractor & Supplier Agreements)

- Wastewater City Project (Municpal Procurement)

- Development Geothermal Heating & Cooling Project (Project Counsel)

- Energy Generation Geothermal STG 55 MW Project

- Energy Solar Farm Project (PV)

- Energy Power Generation CCGT 130 MW Project

- Energy Peaker Diesel Project

- Energy Power Generation CCGT 70 MW Project

- Energy Power Generation CCGT 350 MW Project

- Energy Power Generation GT 50 MW Project

- Energy Power Generation STG 55 MW Project

- Gasification and FT Projects

Dispute Experience

- Contractor-Engineering Firm Payment Dispute for EPC Energy Project

- Owner-Contractor Design-build Cost Overrun Dispute (General Construction)

- Owner-GC-Subcontractor Infrastructure Dispute (Roads & Wastewater)

- Owner-Engineer-GC-Subcontractor Geotechnical & Foundation Dispute

- GC-Subcontractor Breach of Contract and Negligence Indemnity Dispute

- Easement Disputes (Roads, Power Distribution, Natural Gas Pipelines)

- Federal Contract Disputes (Army Corps Federal Acquisition Regulation Contract)

- Utility Owner-GC Dispute (Construction Defect Matter)

- Third-Party Business Negligent Construction Methods (Highway Construction)

- Bid Protest Representation of GC for City Wastewater Project

- Represented Contractor in Negligent Construction Dispute (RR Work)

- Owner-GC Site Flooding & Project Damages Dispute (General Construction)

- Contractor-Engineer Design Defect Dispute (GC Alleged Defective Design)

- Subrogation Construction Defect Dispute (New Construction Defective Equipment Install)

- OSHA Citation Representation


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