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Arkansas Tax and Incentives Update

Matt Boch to Speak at Arkansas Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers Seminar

Matt Boch - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Dover Dixon Horne member Matt Boch will present at the Arkansas Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers seminar on Sept. 20, at the Hilton Garden Inn in North Little Rock.

It is no secret that Arkansas has one of the most challenging and complex sales and use tax environments for manufacturers. This daylong seminar, hosted by the National Business Institute, is aimed at helping manufacturing businesses – specifically accountants, finance managers, controllers, tax specialists and vice presidents – minimize tax exposure and take advantage of sales and use tax exemptions and credits unique to the manufacturing industry. It will provide an intensive look at all aspects of the sales and use tax system relevant to manufacturers, and the program is appropriate for all experience levels, from basic to advanced.

Boch will lead several parts of the seminar, giving the introduction and overview of the Arkansas sales and use tax system as well as presenting on purchases of materials and supplies and on industrial development incentives. The entire day will feature a lively discussion with fellow presenters Paul Gehring, the Assistant Commissioner – Policy and Legal of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, and James Saxton of Friday, Eldredge & Clark.

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